Blogging : expectation vs reality


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What is a blog?

A blog is a discussion or information based website. Blog is also known as web log or weblog. Blogging is a great business today. Blogs are great medium to promote your business or share your thoughts via internet. You can engage customer at personal level by using blogs. Blogging is an inbound marketing method which builds a long-lasting relationship with customers or visitors. We can say that a blog is an essential part for online promotion of a business.

Expectation #1: I’m a good writer, everyone is going to read my blog.

Reality: There are a millions of blogs on the web. Being a good writer is not enough to run a successful blog. A blogger should know how to write stuff which will attract more visitors. A blogger should know about basic SEO techniques to improve content visibility on the internet.

Expectation #2: I’ll be making money within one month after starting a blog.

Reality: I can see a lot of articles on how to make money by starting a blog. Making money via blogging is not that easy. If you want to earn money via blogging then you have to create a genuine & unique content containing a great search volume focused keyword.

Expectation #3: Writing an article is very easy, I can do it within few minutes.

Reality: Blogging is not a five minute job. Finding a high search volume keyword related content is a tough task. After deciding blog topic, you have to keep SEO friendly & unique content strategies in mind while writing article. For me personally, I spend 4 hours in day on blogging. If you love blogging that does not matter how time does it take.

Expectation #4: Once you’ve been blogging long enough, it becomes easy

Reality: Some of the blogger say that they are blogging from a long time so now they do not put so much effort in blogging because they got into the habit of writing stuffs. But, reality is you have to always put the same effort to write an article because every time you get a new topic to blog.  Every time you have to do a proper research before writing an article.

Hopefully this article will help you to understand expectations vs. reality  in a blogging career. If you’re a new blogger then you should learn blogging basics first.

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