How to start a blog in 2020 So that always rule the world

How to start a successful blog?
If you want to start something meaningful then why not start a blog? One of the most delightfulcareer options is unquestionably to learn how to start a successful blog.
Are you looking for easy to go step-by-step process on starting a successful blog? Surely, then you have landed the right place.Fortunately, I am there to help with things you need prior to starting a successful blog.Before moving into the detailed post. I’ll start with the 5 basic steps, following them can help you start a blog in just 10 minutes.
As you are aware that I left my (9-5) Backend  job to persuade a career in blogging and eventually making money using this platform.Besides a full-time job what lead me here was the passion for blogging.
I started to build an empire and become self-employed consecutively after 6 monthsof leaving my job. And, today I am settled with six-figure earning capability. But here I do remind myself of the turbulence journey in blogging.
Despite this, I will walk you and others through the easy to follow step-by-step instructions for starting a blog. I have learned from painstakingly mistakes thus, I will help prevent you from doing the same mistakes that I did.
The real problem with blogging?
Most people around are not aware of the huge chances of failure that’s why they spend countless hours and even years creating a blog that does not have good chances of succeeding.
After a while, they understand that they are doing wrong and start over again.
This kind of failure is inevitable. Especially when you’re doing something new.
The only thing you need to learn is to make mistakes and learn from them.
Nevertheless, whether you’re rich, smart or successful. The first times are always meant to get drowned.
To muster up some confidence in you I will use some name of the top bloggers who have started a decade back and now worth millions of dollars.

  • Gillian perkins – He started his blog a decade ago where he keeps pondering about personal finance and after a few months his blog took off. The reason why he took no longer a few months for his blog success as he chooses the right niche.
  • Backlinko –Every internet marketer knows Brian Dean an internet marketing expert having a blog is called Backlinko which is among the top SEO blogs on the internet today.

There are thousands of examples that blogging essentially can be turned into a profitable business. The only thing is required is to find a good niche.
Do not try to think over different prospects such as market value, size and etc. You can straightforwardly choose a niche that interests you and gets started with blogging.
The good news is you can significantly speed up the process without wasting months or years. You can find everything if it’s going to work in weeks or even days.
The step-by-step process I have outlined here defiantly helps you reach your goals.
So, the first thing to dive in to ensure if your blog is actually viable or not.
If you are not able to decide a good niche for your blog then, here’s an exercise to follow.

  1. Take a paper and a pen
  2. Write things you have learned or have an interest in learning. It can be anything from self-improvement, making food recipes or programming.
  3. Now think of those things that don’t seem interested enough and cross them up
  4. Keep crossing them up until you have only one topic left.

Once, you have found the right niche it’s time, to begin with, the proceedings.
You’d think there must be a hidden catch in the post right? But this is a free guide especially for the beginners who will get to know everything about blogging with a simple step-by-step process.
Disclosure: I am quite happy that you are reading it now. But as you know writing takes a lot of effort and ample of time goes for proofreading.Also, the product & services that we’ve personally used are been recommended to you. Please note that some of the links in the post are affiliate links and you will not be paying for it. It basically helps us continue recommending good stuff for you. In order to make this ultimate guide free of charge to you. We will receive some commission if you use our links to buy any of the products.
We have decided to make this guide a proper salutation. This will help you walkthrough of each process of starting a blog and getting yourfirst post published under 10 minutes.

So what’s contained in our “How To Start A Blog” in just 7 Easy Steps?

  1. Pick your blog’s name
  2. Get your blog online (Web Hosting)
  3. Design your blog with a free WordPress theme
  4. Write your first cornerstone post
  5. Endorse your blog to make more money
  6. Publish your blog
  7. Make money blogging

Don’t be worry they’re easy steps and I am supposed to guide you through entire every step of the way.
So, How do we start now?
Step 1 Pick your blog’s name
It’s time to find a suitable name for your blog. We’ll also find appropriate blogging platform and Webhosting in order to get your blog online.
Your blog name is referred to a domain name which is an important part of your blog as because it creates the first impression on reader mind. It also is known as your blog URL as a domain is an address on the web. For example, my domain is
So, what do you want to call your blog? It may be or your Find a suitable name for your domain name which is short and easy to remember.
Since we’ll start blogging in WordPress platform as because it is most popular and used and been around since 2003.
The first step in finding a good blog name is choosing your topic.
We’re sure that you must have something on your mind if not, then there are few ways to find a good blog name.
Hobbies or interests or something you’re passionate about is a great place to start. It can be anything cooking, travel, fashion, sports are some examples.
As you know a good blog name should be descriptive so that potential readers can find out everything instantly by just looking at your blog name.
Try not to hung up with puzzle words in the blog name. Once you find an idea you can choose a domain extension. Such as.COM, .ORG and many others.
Now that you have picked your domain name and the extension it’s time to find if the domain is already registered or not.
If you see the domain name you’ve just picked is already taken then, there are few things you can do:

  • Find a different domain extension – If you see.COM version is already taken then you may be able to get the domain with different extensions such as .net or .org.
  • Add a piece of a word in between the name – Words or phrases can be used in between your blog name such as “a”, “my” or “
  • Add dashes between words – For example,

Step 2 Get your blog online
Assuming that you have already picked a name to get your blog online. This is pretty easy in case if you follow the step-by-step process.
To start your blogging journey you now need at least two things such as a Web Hosting and Blogging software.
Fortunately, these two comes packaged together.
A web host is a company that literally stores all information of files for your blog and delivers them to the end-user when they type in your blog name.
You must have a web hosting (Paid) in order to start a blog.
You may also need blogging software to build a blog. As we have stated earlier that we’ll use WordPress blogging software as because it is easy to install, customized and comes tothose things free of cost.
Web Hosting Provider – Websites usually have piles of files in it. For instance, when you visit through any browser. It means you are downloading the homepage files. Without web hosting, there would be no website
Of course, you need a place on the internet to keep these files which are popularly called as a server. Web hosting generally help you rent a server space against a small fee
There are various web hosting providers in the market and most of them claim to be the best. But certainly, this isn’t true always.
My recommendation for starting a new blog would be for BlueHost Web Hosting.
I personally use Bluehost and I recommend using this for everyone come looking for building a new website for them.
There are several advantages of choosing a self-hosted blog over a free blog. The following are benefits of choosing BlueHost Hosting web hosting.

  • Free domain name – They will register a blog name absolutely for free (Only when you purchase their hosting plan for at least a year or so).
  • One-Click WordPress Installation– Free, simple and one-click installation of WordPress through softaculous.
  • Good pricing: Bluehost cut down pricing from time to time. For an outstanding price of a $2.75 a month for the first year is worth enough.
  • Reliability: Bluehost facilities are known to everyone. They have setup multiple datacentres worldwide and their headquarters are located over 50,000 square feet of office space. Also, they have a 20,000 square foot building as a datacentre which is pretty unique and enough to generate for an entire city.
  • Recommended by WordPress – Since, 2005 Bluehost remained the top choice by BlueHost hosting, currently hosting over 2 million blogs and websites.
  • Brilliant Customer Support – As always support is just a click away. 24×7 monitoring as well as service through phone and webchat.
  • Money-Back Guarantee – At some point if you’re not satisfied with BlueHost service. You can gently show them a reason and ask for a complete refund.

The basic plan of BlueHost hosting starts with just $2.95 per month. You can use the given link to purchase any of their hosting plans.

  1. You can pick a plan of your choice. But here I recommend the beginners to go with the most basic plan.blogging
  2. Just type in the domain name in the left box and click the “Next” to start the registering process.

Note: In case you already have a domain name purchased from somewhere else. Please use the “use a domain you name” and fill the domain name.

  1. Fill out your billing details on the registration page.
  2. You may need to select the hosting package and options

In this section, you will come across different aspects of hosting plans that basically lets you know everything to get your blog up running which is supposedly a free domain name, easy blog WordPress installation, web hosting and free blog email accounts.
The next crucial thing you have is the time period for which you will purchase hosting.
Note that a 36-month package will cost you much lower than a 12-month hosting package.
As always you can cancel anytime and get a refund but we recommend you to purchase the hosting at least for a year or more.

  1. You need to create a strong password for your account

Once you have filled the basic information.
You can choose a basic template for your blog.
Although you can always change them at later point of time. But it is necessary to select one for the basic setup to complete.
Now that WordPress has installed. Once the installation gets completed you will receive a notification through a pop-up.
Click on the “Start building” to be logged-in to your blog.
Step 3: Customize your blog
A theme basically means to control the look & feel of a blog. And for them who are not acquainted with the coding expertise or design knowledge.
A good theme is always recommended for your blog.
Now that you have a WordPress site you need to change the default theme. Although the default themes look good they are not optimized for blogging.
Customizing your blog is simple and easy process after you have logged in the WordPress administrator area.
You can make changes you want on your blog.
Perhaps everyone has the unique state of a different idea of how their blog should look like. You can literally change everything from layout to design with just a couple of clicks.
In WordPress blog layout generally referred to as “Themes”. Themes are an integral part of your WordPress blog.
The entire design of your blog can be changed using the Appearance tab on the left menu.
You will come across a few preinstalled themes on your blog. They are good initially for a well-designed and clean looking blogs.
But many bloggers use custom themes or paid themes in order to furnish more captivating design or which gives a professional look.
Although there are unlimited WordPress free themes available on the market it is better to switch to a good design theme.
Ensure that you have good design theme if not users will pay the least attention to your blog.
Instead, you can use some paid themes from MyThemeShop or ThemeForest or GeneratePress that would help you do more things and offer a professional outlook to your blog.
Once you have purchased the desired theme, you’ll be able to download your WordPress theme in zip format from themes lobby.
Save the file on the local computer because you’ll need it after sometime.
In case you have one you can install it directly from the theme search screen.
In order to install a custom theme use the “Add New Theme” button to upload the file from your local hard drive. Now, you can change your entire design at any time simply by activating a new theme.
Once the theme is installed make sure you activate it before making any changes to the blog. Changing your blog is the simplest and customizing your blog is, even more, easier than it looks.
Step 4 Select the essential plugins for your blog
Plugins are an integral part of your blog. It is best to keep a handful number of plugins only the essentials and do not go crazy overseeing too many plugins.
In order to install plugins in WordPress dashboard navigate to Plugins > Add new and search for, install and active the following free plugins one by one.

  • Yoast SEO– Yoast is a universal SEO plugin for WordPress.
  • Google Analytics for WordPress by Monster Insights – It allows you to track everything from blog traffic, traffic sources, views per author, category, automatic tracking of outbound clicks and pageviews.
  • Jetpack by– It is a widely used plugin for almost 80% of self-hosted WordPress having a lot of power from

You can also setup a blog post via email using a free Feedburner account.
Step 5Start blogging with compelling content
Assuming that your blog is setup completely and it’s up running. Now in order to write your first blog post and eventually publishing it require some time.
Now that you have completed setting up your first blog. Make sure you work hard and make your vision into a reality including the following things.
Finally, here we need to know a few aspects of the content you are going to write so, that it becomes easier to promote in the later part.
Headlines – The headlines are an integral part of a post which the reader sees first especially on social media and in search engine results. Start with an attractive headline and ensure that your content just stacks up what you have promised.
Content length–Most studies suggest that in-depth posts are great in winning the hearts of many. And it concluded that longer blog posts are way great for ranking and users engagements.
Higher ranking in Google SERP’s
Content layout – You also need to see whether the content you write is easily digestible or not.
Ensure that your content highlights important key points and subheading also include visuals such as images, screenshots, images or even infographic to make it look appealing to visitors.
Design-Use different color palettes, fonts, and design elements within your theme.
Logo- create a logo for your website perhaps a professional logo for your website.
Photo-add a photo of yourself that would be shown in author profile bio
Images– Images should be royalty-free either you may end up in copyright issues.
Social – Create different social media presence on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
Publish – Start writing a couple of posts. Publish them once a week to build an audience first. Below you’ll come to know how to start writing your first blog posts and consecutively improvise the writing on your blog.
Considering this your first time. Go to the left menu and click on “Posts”. You will see something like this.
You will come across some WordPress created default posts. You need to delete it and start afresh.
To start writing a new post, click the “Add New” link
Now you have reached a new post editor screen.
Enter the title also called H1 in the top box and start writing the first post in which you are interested in.
Your post might include some photos in order to make it look more beautiful.
To do that click on the “Add Image” icon and click “Upload” to upload a picture from your computer.
You can make adjustments to the picture size of the screen. Where you are ready to click “Insert into post” to add a picture.
Once you are done writing the post. You can click on the Publish button found on the top right side of the screen.
What’s more, can you do?
Now that you have created a self-hosted blog.
It is time to add some content to your site.
The first thing you should do is creating a website’s about page.
It is essential for you and others who will get to know you better and remain interested in your blog.
Writing an about us page can be challenging sometimes especially if you have never done it before.
There are tons of examples on how to write an about us page for a blog. You can use the given format and address your readers.
Don’t forget to include photos
One of the most enticing things is to add images or design elements on your blog with images.
There are few incredible free blog photos and design resources you can make use of for enhancing your posts.
You may use some product screenshots into the content (if required) depends upon the subject matter.
While there are a number of high-quality sites and mostly free to you use for your blog. For example.

  1. Unsplash
  2. Death of stock
  3. Pixabay

Besides royalty-free images there are varieties of great design resources that you can use for designing the posts.
They are simple and easy to use and comes absolutely for free. These are as follows:-

  1. canva
  2. Visme
  3. Noun Project for icon designs
  4. PicMonkey
  5. Pixlr

Step 5 Publishing your blog
Even after publishing your post on your new blog you may not be able to see the published post. As a “coming soon” page may come up on the screen.
This is a BlueHost coming soon page. In order to prevent the coming soon page from appearing.
Click on the Bluehost menu at the top left of the menu in your administrator area and click the Lunch button to completely delete the Coming soon page.
Ensure that you are quite active over chose social networks. Social networks are referred to as two channels. Engaging with other peoples through a network will help others know more about your blog.
You can even inform others about the current discount is given on any products or service through an affiliate link on your blog post. You can use many social networks channels meant to cater to the needs of sprouting bloggers.
They’re as follows

  • Triberr
  • Viral Content Bee
  • Reddit
  • Flipboard
  • Digg

Step 6 Promote your blog
At this point, you must have understood the basics very well. And you also started creating content for your new blog.
However to provide you with a quick overview of most successful blogger strategies. We’ll break the point into step by step.

  • Long term (SEO)
  • Share on social media

Once you start putting content out there you are most likely to recognize the next phase of blogging as you start thinking.
They are good for the initial start for getting tons of blogs traffic, real fast.
Letting other people show their affection towards your content on social media is a bonus for you. When you have some awesome cornerstone post to share.
You just need to tell them to your users to share it.
Eventually, you will receive traffic and able to maximize the promotion efforts through placing a lucrative social sharing button and click to tweet widgets on your blog.
Even you are just getting started to see if you can fetch quality traffic to your blog.
Here are a few claimed methods:

  • Learn the basics of SEO and use them on your site. Although you do not need to be an expert SEO is a crucial part of recognizing your blog from others.

It becomes a lot easier using SEO and to be easily found in search engines like Google.

  • Promote your content on different social media channels by registering social media accounts such as Pinterest.

Besides these, you should also try for rank on Google. You will need the keyword finder tool to know what keyword you want to rank for.
The extensive research could tell you the way great keywords are found, but in case you want to opt for the industry most demanded keyword tool.
Here they’re

  • Ahrefs (Paid tool) – It will give a plethora of options and features to find keywords, spy on competitors keywords and offer you a complete overview of your blog.
  • Google Keyword Planner (Free) – It is a basic keyword finder tool from Google that provides you some information on seed keywords.

Step 7 Make money blogging
Finally, when it comes to running a blog and make money.
I know most of us do care about making money through blogging.
Fortunately, there are many different ways through which you can actually start earning through monetizing your blog.
Some of the popular ways are as follow:-
AFFILIATE MARKETING – In affiliate marketing, you generally earn a commission on a referral basis. You get people to purchase products through your link and you get paid some commission as a goodwill gesture.
ADVERTISING- You are ought to sell advertisements to companies in your niche or use a service like Google AdSense to serve advertisement for you.
OFFER A SERVICE– Mostly bloggers make money through offering various services that are tied to their nice.
For instance, most sprouting bloggers earn from writing for other bloggers and make a full time living just by writing a blog post for other people.
And, if you have an exceptional flair for writing or a quality blog you can even start writing for other others besides blogging.
Beyond, these proven methods for earning there are tons of creative ways to make money from your blog. While it takes time, effort and money to grow an online business. It would be nice to experiment to get right.
Also, if are in a hurry to make some cash instantly – blogging isn’t the answer.
FAQ’s – How to start a successful blog
What do we think of people asking several questions regarding starting a blog for the first time? I have picked the most common question.
And I have tried to answer them in most common beginner perspective through how to start a blog.
Quest 1. Can you actually start a successful blog for free in 2019?
If you are starting a new blog then you must be aware of the cost of building a website that requires hosting of your own. Fortunately, in today’s world, this isn’t an issue.
There are 100’s of ways through which you can start the blogging today.
Free platforms such as, Tumblr and blogger are few popular free blogging platforms for testing things out.
However, if you are starting to build a professional-looking website then it is better to self-host a blog using options like Bluehost that we have mentioned a step-by-step process in our post.
Considering a self-hosted blog is always better than a free blog.

  • Usually, when you go with a free blog you’ll have a lack of control over your blog and looks
  • The freest blog does not have the option to place ad codes for monetization.
  • Switching or upgrading with features are limited and time-consuming in free blog
  • Lack of support
  • Free blog hosting services might delete your account permanently without even intimating you.

Quest 2. How do you start a blog for free?
There are lots of options to start a blog free such as medium, Tumblr and blogger are a great start to exercise your writing skills.
But if your goal is to learn and generate an income from blogging then choose an affordable hosting platform such as ours BlueHost or other alternatives.
It guarantees proper support for technical challenges you will face time to time on your blog.
Quest 3. How do you become a blogger and get paid?
Starting blogging with the aim to generate income should be considered as professional blogging which means a blogger has to set realistic goals and work upon different monetization methods to see what works best for you.
In order to start blogging it is essential to publish your first blog post through your own self-hosted blog.
As you and many others want to know about the sources where you can generate an income.
Yes, there are tons of options for it.
You can join display ad networks, or getting sponsored posts from companies and at the same time reach out to readers, affiliate promotions, landing freelance or consulting gigs, teaching online courses, selling physical products, building software tools are some of the best ways to generate an income from the blogging.
Quest 4. How do you start a blog for beginners?
You must have known how easy is to start a blog. We’ve also started the 10 folds of simple steps here in the “How to start a successful blog” using this you can start a blog in less than 10 minutes.
And that you will be able to get your blog live on the internet.
Quest 5 How do beginner blogs makes money?
Beginners usually make money using different sources.
Basically, a large number of people rely and land upon offering freelance or consulting clients or teaching in-person or online courses and even sell online digital products that will suffice the need for income in the initial phase of starting a blog.
Also, beginners who are able to generate readers for your blog are able to create more monetization opportunities through the sponsored content, affiliate promotions, selling your readers and more.
Quest. 6 how much time does it take to start making money from blogging?
The possibilities are endless but if you’re talking about getting a significant level of income it could take up at least 3-6 month determining today’s scenario.
Blogging is definitely a long tail effect and requires patience. It could even take longer than usual (1, 2, 3+ years) as because the more content you will be able to publish on your blog the more authority you will build for your blog.
Also, readers who come to visit your blog if greater in size it is quite possible to earn more.
However, the time required to earn from a new blog basically depends upon many factors such as topics you’re writing or a niche you are targeting.
And also the time you allocate to promoting your blog content.
Quest 7. How much do bloggers make?
It is fairly known that a full-fledged blogger would make a huge pile of cash from sales from an affiliate. But what about a sprouting blogger.
While the majority of bloggers earn a very little as you also need time to grow your blog traffic to begin earning.
In the last couple of years, it is seen that most average blogger would make $150,000 and more as a part-time blogger.
This signifies that blogging income generally depends upon many factors such as a number of sponsorships, affiliate income, monetization and making other join paid online courses.
Quest 7. Do bloggers get paid?
Alright, the most awaited question right? Yes, the blogger gets paid through different channels which allow them to live a stress-free life.
Bloggers usually make use of different monetization such as affiliate promotion, display advertising, sponsored content, freelance opportunities or from the sale of their own physical and digital products.
Quest 8. How do I get the reader to come to my blog?
The best way to get the reader come to your blog is to publish share-worthy content that people actually wants to read.
Also, you would require doing on-page SEO, allow guest post on other blogs, sharing them on different social channels.
Also participating through online communities, using YouTube as a platform to bring engagement to your existing blog, hosting different webinars, speaking at conferences and few others.

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